The necessity of literature review in research

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The necessity of literature review in research

Getting familiarized with previous research and theory in pursuit of new knowledge based on investigation is what the literature review in research paper  revolves around. If you are going to do research in any area, you have to organize the knowledge of specific area of research in order to find the edifice. Thus, you could able to identify the area which requires investigation to add a new leaf to the research arena. The process of literature review is tedious, but you will certainly find ways the unexplored portion. Once you find out the new area of research, then you have to prove the rationale behind it. So, what will you do in literature review; refer to the accumulated knowledge of the past comprising of books, magazines, articles, journals, and many related study materials from the library. Thus, you would able to develop the foundation involving ideas to build new study.

Reasons for reviewing the literature-

  • To get the indication of research
  • The research done by others
  • To avoid the replication of the study
  • Identifying the research problem
Objectives of reviewing literature-

  • To formulate hypothesis
  • Source of hypothesis
  • Method, procedure, data base, and statistical tools appropriate to reach the solution of problem
  • To source the comparative data useful for interpretation
  • Contribution of accurate knowledge
Procedures for reviewing the literature-

  • To get the theoretical aspects of problem by consulting a general source such as text-book
  • Reviewing of empirical research
  • Systematic reference of large number of sources
  • Recording of references with bibliographical data accurately
  • Notes for interpreting the findings
  • Locating specific information for specific purpose
Sources for reviewing literature-

  • Books and text-books
  • Periodical literature
  • Abstracts
  • Encyclopedias
  • Almanacs, handbooks, yearbooks, guides
  • References on international education
  • Specialized dictionaries
  • Educational research information centre
  • Microfiche
  • Dissertation and thesis
  • Newspaper
Functions of reviewing literature-

  • Conceptual frame to go through the basic writing including the recent ones
  • Status of research in terms of (what, when, who, how)
  • Research approach, instrumentation, and data analysis
  • Success probability and significant findings
  • Definitions, assumption, limitations and hypothesis
Now you must have come to terms with the purpose of literature review in research  and its significance in conducting the research study. First thing in this respect is gather the relevant sources to do the necessary review. Reviewing is one of the prominent tasks and its outcome has stake on the study. Could you review the literature as per the procedure enumerated above? If you have any queries, get it clarified through experts. If you are not getting the due assistance with the environment at your disposal, approach us to do the necessary. In addition the need of review assistance, you could contact us for any issue during and post conduction of the study to avail the help or guidance. 


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