Primary research

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Primary research

Collecting the data for any study in reality is about primary marketing research. The way to collect data involves surveys, interviews, observations, etc to have useful information. As a result, it becomes feasible to focus on the study to ascertain the cause of a certain problem or issue. Let’s have a brief over the types of primary research. As far as interview is concerned, it is carried out on one-to-one basis or respondents in small group. The information collected in this respect would assist in getting an expert opinion on the specific issue. On the contrary, survey involves large group of people and information obtained from the respondents would assisting in making generalized opinion.
Similarly, observation is one of the tools to conduct primary data collection in research methodology. There is one advantage in this method of data collection as compared to the interview. The data or information collected in the interview might be biased. However, in the case of observation; the information is very precise. Here, you need to collect data involving certain phenomenon or event or people through organized notes.  Now the question is how to approach for conducting primary research. It depends on:

  • The exact information intended to induce
  • Planning for inducing
  • Respondents in the survey or observation
  • The way to access the respondents
  • Biased thing about the research topic
  • Ensuring biased things at bay
  • Expected outcome.

You could collect the data as per the requirement irrespective of time constraint. However, there are some ethical guidelines need to be adhered. First thing in this regard is, you must have the permission from the respondents as their consensus is must. It doesn’t mean that the information at the disposal for the public should also requires due permission. Another major thing, you have to take into account the fact of not to hurt any respondents either physically or emotionally during the conduction of survey. Make sure not to accommodate your personal biases in the study in context to objectivity and subjectivity. Another ethical consideration is to keep the privacy of the respondents as per their needs. You need to clearly state that whether their names would be exposed or remain anonymous. Accessing to the participants at ease is what every researcher vies for; to ensure this, select the subjects carefully.

If the research study involves data collection from any university or institute; it requires taking approval of concerned authority. Finally, when it comes to reporting the collected data; it should be presented in accurate. All these guidelines reflect the way you need to be conscious in order to collect data for a primary research study. Otherwise, there are chances of falling prey to pitfalls in many forms. Consult our experts to avoid any pitfall or issue in any kind.      


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