Dissertation theoretical framework

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dissertation theoretical framework

Theoretical framework in a dissertation is must and within which the research study is carried out. Whenever a research study is conducted, it requires a theory and observing the phenomenon to understand the issue. Theory is the base to observe phenomenon in context to the research study. When it comes to theoretical framework, its availability is a matter of concern. Researcher has to go through the literatures to frame a theory as per the research question. Thus, theoretical framework is the rationale behind dissertation and provides the necessary strength in support of the research study.

Let’s go through the advantages of dissertation theoretical framework which are as:

  • Statement of theoretical framework assists in critical evaluation
  • Researcher finds it easy to connect the framework in context to study
  • Addressing the research question in terms of why and how
  • Identifying the limitations of the study.

These are the benefits a researcher accrues through theoretical frame work. Suppose you are pursuing a management degree in certain specialization. You have to write a MBA dissertation, which requires focusing on theoretical framework. Therefore, it is better to develop it for better research perspective. There are some strategies if executed well will lead to generating theoretical framework dissertation such as:

  • Go through the dissertation title and research problem for in-depth understanding
  • Brainstorm over those variables which are crucial to research study
  • Review the literature thoroughly
  • Introspect over the variables relevant to the study
  • Review the relationships between the key variables
  • Discuss the theoretical assumptions.

Thus, the advantage of theoretical framework is to curtail the scope of data to a certain limit, so as to focus on specific variables. As a result, the concerned researcher will able to analyze and interpret data. This is how the importance of theoretical framework is relevant to the dissertation. Now you have to develop the theoretical framework in context to your research requirement. It requires the skill of reviewing literature and utilizing the intellectual and critical skills. You need to visualize the framework and possible outcomes through dissertation theoretical framework.

However, there are chances of resorting to mistakes in developing the framework. The concern or issues in it must be clarified; otherwise, the research study won’t progress the way you want and you might not get the expected outcome as well. Hence, in case of you are unsure about the theoretical framework developed by you, consult experts. If you require expert assistance, you could bank upon Tutors India, an online academic writing service provider. Here you will get in touch with the experts on the lines of your research to constitute the theoretical framework.

Before developing the theoretical framework, the experts brainstorm over the research area which will meet the purposes in terms of:

  • Interpreting research data
  • Dealing with research problems
  • Identifying research problems
  • Evaluating solutions to research problems
  • Guiding research efforts and so on.

Finally, you would be in a position to make a significant breakthrough. This is one aspect of how we provide dissertation theoretical framework help. Nonetheless, if required you may assign the task of writing dissertation. It doesn’t matter whether you are in need of UK MBA dissertation or Australian MBA dissertation or UAE sociology dissertation. Thus, it reflects we provide dissertation writing services to students across the globe for countries like UK, USA, Australia, etc. For more information, consult us.


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