Mass communication and Journalism

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mass communication and Journalism

Introduction-Mass communication and journalism involves informing masses about the happenings at national and international level. It could be news, entertainment, sports, branding; here the modes are electronics and print.  Information through radio, television, internet is electronics media and newspaper, magazine, books comes under print media. This study covers the entire aspects of reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting for news organizations. Mushrooming news and entertainment channels worldwide has attracted the attention of students to have a course in mass communication and journalism. Qualified students of this study enables them to start career as media planner, journalist, audio/video producer, media buyer, publisher, copywriter, videographer, new media specialist, public relation specialist, photojournalist, broadcast manager, online editor, social media expert, advertiser, motivational speaker, campaigner and so on. All the jobs are lucrative and glamorous. Institutes in UK offer a variety of course in this field, you too could join and start career and reach the masses.
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