Reasons for failure in PhD

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Reasons for failure in PhD

Success in any areas always has its reasons. Similarly, failure or setbacks is also accompanied with certain reasons. This is the theme of the content to enumerate that, what the reasons are leading to failure on the parts of students in attaining PhD degree. In the academia of PhD, attrition quotient is always high. One could count on so many reasons but we are going to chart out the aspects of failures as per our experience and observation. The first reason of failure could be focusing on coursework. The objectives of the student should be to pick a right advisor, appropriate research area and going through a lot of papers to have more insights. Instead, what students do is paying attention to coursework leading to lack of enough concentration in getting the objectives.

Another area of failure is the aim for learning more. One can’t deny the fact that PhD is meant for learning more but one should not distract from the focused learning. In order to develop the thesis, the concerned learner has to go through more and more number of research papers on the same line. Going beyond intended area of research might not be conducive to the aimed thesis. It’s a loss of time and the advisor might lose the patience in assisting. Every student wants the research paper written with perfection. But the reality is that, there is no end to perfection. Even if the paper is polished several times, still there are opportunities to do the same task repeatedly. Thus, this activity of perfection leads to, researcher is never going to initiate the write-up. Reason, he or she is not satisfied with the developed content.
Procrastinate is another reason of failure, where the researcher resorts to learning rather than focusing on research. This aspect entails with unproductive result. The dynamics between the advisor and student also matters. Responsibility of the advisor is to doll out specific topics and assisting in getting involved in the paper. When it is the last stage of paper, it is expected that student should have more in-depth knowledge than the advisor. But, if the reverse happens, would lead to another reason of failure. Ignoring the committee wouldn’t augur well as far as performance of the student is concerned. To remain in touch with the committee is the prerequisite and they should know the progress of the study. Otherwise, there are chances of study going awry. Similarly aiming too high or low won’t meet the expectations with chances that the researcher might not reach the milestone.

These are some of the reasons leading to failure in getting PhD degree. Your version of failure could be different from what is mentioned here. Unless you share the problem with us, it might be a difficult affair to handle. Therefore, approach us for any issues related to doctorate degree. Our purpose is to usher you while dealing with the aspect of failures. Students from countries like UK, USA, UAE, Australia, etc could consult phd guidance for better academic output.



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