Meta analysis

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Meta analysis

Meta analysis involves statistical techniques which gives impetus to social scientists to analyze. Designing and implementing research study especially in the discipline of medicine, psychology is a difficult task. Again it is a time consuming process and intricacies thrives in the study. Therefore, to baffle the oddities; it requires the application of Meta analysis. Consider a researcher is going to conduct a study on certain aspect of social science. If he or she depends on small sample size, there are chances of yielding errors. Thus, it becomes difficult to interpret and induce conclusion. Reason, there are chances of hiding certain trends or correlations.
In this research circumstance, Meta analysis comes handy to draw conclusion from a large sample through its statistical analysis procedure. There are so many advantages of depending on Meta analysis in a research study. Those advantages are:
  •          To minimize the complexity of research
  •          To gather data from other field
  •          To access the data easily
  •          To assess the aspect of quality
  •          To avoid unwarranted repeated research
  •          To focus on correlations, etc.

This is the reason behind a researcher resorting to Meta analysis in their research endeavors. However, there are concerns like how to use and the context of use as far as Meta analysis is concerned. There are chances of misleading, if the researcher doesn’t have knowledge related to the application of statistical technique in this respect. The pitfalls could be in terms of:
  •          Getting skewed data
  •          No refutation of hypothesis
  •          Compromise of the validity
  •          Difficulty in comparing data, etc.

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