How to write research methodology in UK MBA dissertation

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

How to write research methodology in UK MBA dissertation

UK MBA program requires students to undertake research and submit a project report in the form of dissertation. Research in the management disciplines involve work related relevance and the academic rigor. The purpose of MBA dissertation is to:
  •          Add new knowledge
  •          Assess the prevalent knowledge
  •          Get acquainted with literature in a particular area
  •          Generate a critical structuring with an aim to address the research problem
  •          Develop analytical skills

·         Integrated research to resolve a management problem competently
All these purposes could be easily and safely achieved, provided the researcher cultivates right methodology. Therefore, research methodology is the mainstay in research and on the basis of it, certain factors are decided such as:
  •          Sample size
  •          Sampling approach
  •          Time frame and cost
  •          Constraints to determine a particular design

Application of particular methodology varies from research to research. However, in the case of management research; usually case studies, small scale studies of companies, medium scale studies, and larger scale studies are taken into consideration to find out the reason behind certain problems. Be it qualitative or quantitative or any methodology applied is not a matter of concern; but in UK MBA dissertation, it must reflect:
  •          Review of data collection methods
  •          Secondary data feeding to the research
  •          Primary data depicting the conduction of research, tools used, field work
  •          Criteria for sample selection
  •          Pilot study, how it was administered and the necessary changes in context to research
  •          Methods of analysis, usage of particular software
  •          Limitations of the study and ways to overcome

Developing the content on the basis of above highlighted points is what the content of research methodology revolves. However, concern areas are how to develop, what to write, how the approach of write-up should be in research context, whether it requires analytical writing or critical writing or descriptive writing; all these issues worries a lot while developing the MBA dissertation.
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