How to submit journal article

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to submit journal article

Have you developed the journal article? Have you ensured the content is error free? If, the answer is yes; now, it’s time to journal article submission. However, you must take into cognizance of certain protocols followed by the journal in which you are going to submit. In this respect, you need to take care of specific points and how far it is infused in the article matters. The written article must specify the thoughts of author with words picked featuring the attributes of exact and applicable syntax. Again, it should have the requisite style and format so as to avoid rejection. Now focus on how the outcome of abstract should be in tune with the article. It must contain significant points as well as points in conclusive nature. The warrant in this regard is in short version so as to meet the criteria of submission.

Other prerequisites which need to be taken care of and emphasis should be paid towards are the aspect of equations, illustrations, references, footnotes, etc. In spite of all these things in place, as per the submission guideline, you need to ensure that the article you are going to submit must not be published elsewhere. Moreover, you need to encompass the followings in appropriate for envisaging success in journal article submission such as:

  • Cover letter
  • Appropriate keywords to locate the paper
  • Summary of changes if any
  • List of reviewers
  • Copyright formality.

When it comes to cover letter, it must specify: title of the paper, name of the article author, including the significant contribution. The importance of keyword also holds good considering the need of drawing the attention of readers. Hence, make sure the article is saturated with keywords so as to provide the reference information to the needy researchers. As far as the attributes of summary of changes in context to article is concerned, it enumerates about the conference work. If you have dealt with any conference work previously, then it requires mentioning the necessary changes in the article content which is going to be submitted.

Another major responsibility is mentioning the list of reviewers you want to have, provided the journal permits to do so. After all, you want the article free from clutters and errors in any kind. Thus, your choice of reviewers would ensure the article deserves hassle free submission. Finally, you need to adhere to the copyright formality in order to protect the content from infringement. This is how the articles are submitted to the concerned journals for dissemination. But the concerned writer can’t rule out the issues involving in it. If there is any issue, we are to guide and our experts’ thrust on facilitating journal article submission service has the potential to yield the desired results. Hence, consult us for any such issue which you find difficult to deal with. Students from various parts of the world like USA, UK, Australia, etc also could approach us.


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