Dissertation hypothesis development

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dissertation hypothesis development

Developing hypothesis is crucial for a dissertation to carry out the investigative study. The theme in the hypothesis spurs the researcher to know the reason behind the issues and to find out its solutions. Hypothesis has the potential to guide the researcher to conduct the study in certain way. So, let’s have a brief over what exactly the hypothesis is. Discipline of research could be anything; but, when it comes to hypothesis it connotes certain phenomenon. In other words, hypothesis is nothing but a question which is molded to a specific statement in order to carry out the investigation.
Since the hypothesis is the base for dissertation, it should be developed with utmost care while keeping cognizance of other attributes in mind. Therefore, make sure to have following things for dissertation hypothesis development:
  •          Own interest and potential to carry out the research study
  •          Try to narrow down the topic
  •          Feasibility to conduct the study within a stipulated timeframe
  •          Measurable potential in terms of either qualitative or quantitative
  •          Addressing the relevant issue

These are a few points on the basis of which, hypothesis needs to be developed. Ensure to keep the statement for hypothesis as simple as possible. It requires developing in a language comprehendible to all along with the usage of keywords like suggest or support. Moreover, the statement should reflect relation between two variables. In this respect, the tone of the hypothesis should give the indication of dependent and independent variables. Again the variables should have the potential to measure. Finally, the expectation and outcome must be clear and understandable. This is how the dissertation hypothesis is developed.
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