Descriptive statistics

Monday, May 23, 2016

Descriptive statistics

The discipline of statistics is the essence of research study to get the expected results and usage of applications in various contexts. However, the focus of this content is about the advantage of descriptive statistics. It reflects about the quantitative summary of collected data. In research study, the requisite is to put data into perspective in order to comprehend.  Whatever the statistics average we come across are in context to descriptive average. For instance, consider into account the aspect of grade point average in a university, which reflects about the performance of the students. Similarly, to measure the average performance of a country, GDP provides the report.
The benefit is that the means of descriptive statistics analysis paves way to observe and provides clue about the data set. In this respect, it requires understanding and application of statistical tools like: mean, mode, median, normal distribution, standard deviation. As the word descriptive connotes, it involves description or representation of data for ease of understanding. Graphs or histograms are also used to depict the data as per the need of descriptive statistics. So, as a part of statistical analysis, descriptive statistics is the first part. Analyzing the data through this statistics is complex. It depends on how a researcher designs the study and selects the focus group while avoiding biases. In short, the descriptive statistics could be highlighted in terms of:
  •          Summarizing data set
  •          Representing data in charts and tables
  •          No inference.

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