Medical statistical data

Friday, May 27, 2016

Medical statistical data

Statistical data is an important tool for almost all the disciplines and organizations we come across. Be it for planning, policy making, or researching; without statistical data it becomes difficult to formulate policy or reach a conclusion or make a decision or generate a new theory. The discipline of medical is no exception to it. In the medical field, a lot of research activities are being carried out by the academic students as well as medical practitioners. Therefore, a lot of data researcher requires in hand, ascertaining the root cause of a certain problem.
Research in medical could be on any topics, but it requires data collection and subsequent analysis. Suppose there is a research on ‘weight loss in infants’. In this respect, the medical researcher requires data in terms of:
  •          Number of newborns weighted at birth
  •          Number of newborns having weight less than 2.5 kg
  •          Number of newborns breastfed within one hour, and so on.

Likewise, researcher requires a lot of information or data to ascertain the reason behind weight loss. Again data collected in huge numbers becomes difficult to interpret and analyze. Hence, it requires the application of statistical tools to make an inference. Do you have the know-how that, how application of statistics are used to medicine and healthcare? Have you dealt with any medical statistical analysis? Do you have the statistics background? If answers to these questions are emphatic no, rely on experts who provide medical statistical analysis.
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