Dissertation statement of problem

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dissertation statement of problem

Dissertation is a research based document involves, how a research question gets answered. So, research problem is the theme around which the research study gets momentum. Research problem has its root in literature review. Reviewing the literature extensively does provide the clue to formulate research question after identifying the research gap. Now the research question needs to be converted into statement of problem. Here the requisite is to restate the question in terms of a statement, which is known as statement of problem. The way the question is stated and how it orients the reader is the significance of statement of problem.

Explaining the problem with relevant keywords is in the need to stating a problem. Whoever goes through the dissertation must understand that what exactly the research problem and why it needs a fact finding probe. Then how the statement of the problem is really executed through research study must be enumerated in various sections of the dissertation. Here, research methodology which is employed in the study should provide the evidence that how the statement is going to make inroads in the run up to the reaching an inference or conclusion. At the end of research and after the statistical analysis; the research question must be answered. Thus, the statement of the problem which the reader goes through the beginning of dissertation gets the result and finds it convincing.

Once the statement of the problem is answered, it becomes incumbent on the part of a researcher to write the dissertation. Each section of the dissertation requires contextual content while addressing the research issues. Now have a highlight over the sections in a dissertation having linkage with statement of the problem:
  •          Literature review
  •          Research methodology
  •          Findings and analysis
  •         Discussion

Contributing these sections literally with academically standard language is the need. Each section must convey its purpose while emphasizing on statement of the problem. This reflects the emphasis on writing the dissertation and how it should be comprehendible. In this respect, the issues are:
  •          Writing the precise content
  •          Writing the original content free from plagiarisms
  •          Accurate presentation of tables and graphics
  •          Accurate reference of citations
  •          Accurate formatting of the content, etc

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