Academic assignment editing services

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Academic assignment editing services

Assignment plays a pivotal role as far as assessing academic performance is concerned. Hence it requires presenting the assignment complete in every respect without any flaws. Hence the written content requires editing edge to maintain the academic standard and style as per requirement. Editing is the task which follows simultaneously while writing. However, it is not possible to concentrate on both fronts leading resorting to mistakes. A lot of things go into writing, but the focus in this content is related to punctuation. As you know that, nobody will take interest in reading the non-punctuated text or content. Consider a sentence as: write the dissertation. If anybody goes through this sentence, how he or she would react. First thing, it distracts the attention and disorients the reader as well. Actually, the sentence should be: write the dissertation, again. Now with punctuation, the meaning of sentence becomes comprehendible. Here the things that matter is word spacing and comma.
The purpose of punctuation is to provide coherence to a sentence, even if it is complex. Usage of punctuation as far as conventional style is concerned; it is limited to commas and semicolons to scatter the sentences which are known as close punctuation. Whereas, in contemporary usage; it is known as open punctuation. In the category of open punctuation, the usage of comma is subjective rather than objective. Let’s have some of the functions related to punctuation are:
  •         Terminal
  •          Joining clauses
  •         Setting off phrases
  •          Indicating omission

As far as the usage of terminal punctuation is concerned in a sentence, it finds place at the end. Usual punctuation marks are: period, question mark, exclamation point. While using these terminal punctuations, there are chances of resorting to pitfalls in terms of:
  •          Sentence fragments
  •          Misuse of terminal question mark
  •          Usage of terminal punctuation in a sentence within the parenthesis
  •          Placing the punctuation for quotations

Let’s focus on editing the assignment in terms of joining clauses. Writing a compound sentence involves joining two independent clauses for which the usage of commas, semicolons, colons, and dashes come handy. Have a look at various pitfalls in terms of:
  •          Run-on sentences
  •          Confusion between compound sentences and compound predicates
  •          Confusion about independent clauses
  •          Inappropriate use of colon before a series

This is about the punctuation errors in various forms in short leading to issues in academic assignments. There are so many other grammatical issues which require editing edge to create an impeccable content. Unless the learner is well-versed with the grammatical nuances, it becomes difficult to bring the necessary changes in the content. Hence, for effective academic assignment writing, we have a team of experts providing the necessary editing services. Have a look at our services in terms of:

These kinds of services are at your disposal to access as and when you want for students from various countries like UK, UAE, USA, Australia, etc. For more information, contact us.


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