Quantitative methodology for dissertation

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Quantitative methodology for dissertation

Addressing the research issue requires employing a specific research methodology; it could be qualitative or quantitative. It requires reflecting on the research problem before employing a specific methodology. Research methodology finds place in the dissertation involving the details of data collection and analysis. Here the focus of the content is quantitative methodology in context to dissertation. As far as qualitative and quantitative research methodology is concerned, the research study involves using a questionnaire. Once the research material is collected, it needs to be infused in statistics program.
Since the quantitative research methodology is the focus of entire dissertation, it needs to be well planned to develop the content. Let’s have a snapshot over research plan in context to quantitative methodology:

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With these points, quantitative methodology section could be developed in a dissertation.
In brief, quantitative research methodology in a PhD dissertation should focus on:
  •          Description of sample
  •          Sampling design
  •          Determination of appropriate number of participants
  •          Description of research tools
  •          Appropriate measure (scale)
  •          Measurement characteristics of the instrument
  •          The way to administer and score the measures
  •          Detailed steps of exact procedures taken
  •          Data analysis with justification and description
  •          Limitations of the research
  •          Validity and reliability (to convince that findings based on critical investigation)
  •          Criteria of adequacy and appropriateness of data
  •         Deviant case analysis ( comparative method to build and test the completeness of          theory)
  •        The audit trail (meticulous record of process of the study)
  •      Triangulation (soliciting data from multiple sources for cross-checking, corroborating    evidence, illuminating theme)
  •          Peer review

With these activities highlighted above, one would get answers to all the queries related to research methodology. Thus, answering the research question will no longer a concern. But the entire activity needs to be enumerated in the PhD thesis or dissertation with the vibes of critical arguments, logical points, analytical views, and so on. Thus it indicates the way to develop the dissertation write-up and it might be a concern for students who lack the knack of writing skill. Any issue related to writing the dissertation or for seeking any suggestive guidelines; you could rely on our academic experts having research background. They make sure you get your academic responsibilities fulfilled on a higher note. The accessibility of the service is round ‘o’ clock and students from countries like UK, USA, UAE, etc could hire the academic writing help irrespective of their institutions. As per the institutional requirement, we deliver the services. Customized service, cost-effective service, timely delivery of services are some of the highlights of our services. Still, you want to know more about the academic writing services, consult us.


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