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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Copy Editing service

Writing academic assignments require going through several sources to scout for the necessary information. Quotations of some authors also become a part and parcel of assignments. However, while resorting to quote, there are chances of encountering errors. Hence it requires editing to set the tone of write-up to a standard acceptable in academic sphere. Let’s focus on the editing task involving quotation which is as:
  •    Correcting spelling errors
  •    Correcting odd words in the quotation
  •    Relevancy of quotation
  •    Errors in the placement of quotation marks
  •    Run-in and set-off quotations
  •    Punctuation errors
  •    Syntactical fit
  •    Ellipsis points
  •    Brackets
  •   Citing sources

This is the insights over various errors assembled in a quotation leading to negative remarks by the evaluator. Hence, be sure to do the necessary editing task to the errors in assignment if any highlighted above. Now you might have realized that quoting from a source is not that easy or which might not seem a hurdle. But error occurs for those who lack the editing knacks. Therefore, you need to refer the assignment to someone who is well versed in academic editing.
For instance, you are going to develop a PhD thesis which is no doubt a voluminous document. Several sources, you have to go through in order to infuse the relevant information. Various quotations also make inroads into the thesis to provide certain evidence in support of research study. Inappropriately framed quotation won’t justify the purpose. Therefore, do the necessary corrective measures through our editing service help, if you are incapable of doing so. Here citing the quotation from other sources leads to errors in various facets. First error could be anything highlighted above. Second error is related to citing the sources. Unless you cite the sources appropriately, your assignment stands for rejection and could be charged under plagiarism. Therefore, the need is to cite the sources as per the style like APA, Chicago, MLA, etc.

Whatever discussed above is related to various quotation errors. Other than this, the assignment could thrive with so many grammatical errors. Moreover, inconsistency in the flow of information is also counted as error as it disorients the reader. Too much of content and less of it also leads to errors which require the attention of editing edge. For your editing requirements, we have subject specific editors to deal with errors while infusing the necessary changes to the content. In addition to the editing services, you could avail all kinds of academic writing services. We ensure your assignment remains error free to draw the attention of reader with the content easy to comprehend. For any extra information, you could consult us. However, this academic writing and editing service is available to students from countries like UK, USA, UAE, etc.   


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