Data clustering SPSS analysis

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Data clustering SPSS analysis

 Clustering in statistical parlance involves certain techniques to form groups which could be either homogeneous or heterogeneous and on the basis of variables. This clustering is done through the application of SPSS tools to conduct a research study. Research study could be anything and in any discipline. However, it requires huge chunk of data to make an inference or reach a conclusion in order to find solutions to the research issue. In this respect, it requires clustering the data to ease the process of data analysis and interpretation. Hence, research study warrants cluster analysis through the application of SPSS.

For instance, you are a management student having specialization in marketing. Thus, as a matter of curriculum responsibility, you need to write a MBA marketing dissertation. Here, what you need to do is select a marketing dissertation topic in order to carry out the investigative study. Usually, it involves market research to understand the customers’ view point for a particular product or service. As a result, you have to meet, so many consumers in the market to understand their world for a product. You will get so many opinions and views which requires grouping. Hence, by resorting to cluster analysis, you would get the advantage in terms of:

  • Segmenting the market
  • Understanding the buyers’ view points
  • Identifying the competitors in the market
  • Creating marketing opportunities
  • Reducing the data to a limit

This cluster SPSS analysis will assist you to understand the consumers and their preference for particular product or service. Thus, you could group those buyers who are in need of a specific product. Similarly, identifying the competitors in the market is another area of research. Data collected in this respect would help a company or industry that is into product or service to strategize the marketing plan to have more chunk of pie. Let’s have a brief over the steps for conducting cluster analysis which are:
  • Distant measure
  • Clustering algorithm
  • Number of clusters
  • Validating analysis
In this respect procedure for clustering could be categorized as: 

  • Hierarchical (agglomerative and divisive)
  • Non-hierarchical (k-means clustering)
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