MBA Dissertation Structure

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MBA Dissertation Structure

Structure is like a skeleton around which things are arranged in appropriate. MBA dissertation also requires developing all its constituents in a structure that is applicable and prevalent in the academic curriculum. Once the dissertation is written, it needs to be infused in a structure. Let’s focus on the structure of  MBA dissertation which is as follows:
·         Executive summary
·         Introduction
·         Literature review
·         Research hypothesis
·         Research methodology
·         Results
·         Discussions
·         Recommendations
·         Conclusions
·         References
·         Appendices
Every constituent in the MBA structure has its purpose in a dissertation. Each section must orient the reader. For instance, consider the executive summary and its importance in the dissertation. In this section, you need to brief about: the research study, its importance, summarization of the findings. Thus, the reader would get the overview of the MBA dissertation. Drafting each section of the dissertation in context to structure is the need of hour.
In addition to the structure of dissertation, the aspect of formatting too is significant to make it standardize. When it comes to format, it could be APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. As per the academic standard, the dissertation requires formatting in which the focus is on: spacing, font, margin, indentation, headings, bold face, upper case, lower case, etc. Unlike the importance of dissertation writing, the significant of structure, format, etc matters. Moreover, the dissertation needs to be put in a template as per the standard prevalent in academics.

Thus what it indicates that in addition to the major requirement of dissertation content, the peripheral needs also require equal attention. Otherwise, the dissertation as it is won’t be accepted. Meeting to the standard of dissertation structure and format are also matter of concern to those pursuing MBA. In this scenario, either they need to deal with of their own or seek expert help. However, it has been observed that, most of the students pay high attention to the need of dissertation content while neglecting the aspect of structure, format, style, layout, etc.
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