UK MBA Marketing Assignment

Saturday, May 21, 2016

UK MBA Marketing Assignment

Cutting-edge marketing tools are instrumental to develop advanced competencies to create effective marketing strategies. When a skill gap persists in an organization, it definitely threatens competitiveness. So, concerned personnel involving market need to find out the variables that entice consumers to act. Targeting the customers or clients is the prime reason of the application of marketing tool. But the challenge is in identifying the tools, so that there will be a steady flow of clients to business. Hence, it requires enough information about the customers and their needs including choices.
In any market, each customer is unique. One customer choice differs with others. So, it is practically impossible to target each client’s needs. There can’t be one marketing tool for each individual to promote in the market. Hence, variability exists and the frequency of it will assist in approaching the market. To ease the process of assessing the variability, it is better to divide the market into certain sections in groups having potential clients with common characters. This is a generalized approach to read into customers’ need. Hence, in this respect, dividing the customers on the basis of certain characters would through more insights to collect data to strategize the marketing tool. Those are:
·         Demographic (identifying factors like age, gender, ethnicity)
·         Socio-economic (education, social status, occupation)
·         Geographic (client’s live, work, country, city, neighborhood)
·         Psychographic (positive relationship, achievement, development, growth)
·         Service-related ( circumstances of accessing service, availability of service, information about services, influencing factor, referral sources, etc)
These are the characteristics involving customers assist in planning marketing strategies and accordingly promotional material and creation of innovative services are done to target them. After assessing these characteristics, it depends on the kind of marketing the business entities want to initiate. To increase the client base, they need to be targeted through online and offline medium. Online tools are:

·         Article marketing
·         Video marketing
·         Blogging
Offline tools comprise of:
·         Newspapers
·         Yellow pages
·         Billboards
·         Radio
·         Corporate social responsibility, and so on
Finally, challenges are enormous and the tools need to be updated as per the trend in business to cope in a competitive surrounding.  When you are writing marketing assignment, you need to include the points discussed above but it depends on the question in specific marketing aspect. Writing the assignment is also a challenge. We provide assignment writing assistance in marketing through expert writers. Candidates for their master’s and doctorate dissertation or thesis writing needs too could contact our experts.


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