Sociology dissertation

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sociology dissertation

Embarking on a liberal arts course like sociology in higher echelons of academics is very challenging but accompanies with plethora of career options. Therefore, what exactly the subject of sociology involves. Is it psychology or anything else? Well, be clear about it. Unlike psychology, which involves examining and tapping human mind; sociology involves examining a group of persons in a community and nation at large. What insights it will instill to a learner; those are:
      ·         human social behavior
      ·         human interactions
      ·         social institutions
      ·        relationship between all aspects of social life
      ·         social emphasis on class, race, and gender
      ·        social facts and problems
This subject gives the glimpse of the society perfectly and studying at higher levels adds more insight into the problems in the society in macro perspective. This study is nothing but social awareness and a broad minded approach to society. While going through this study, you will develop certain technical skills such as:
·         administration aptitude
·         statistical manipulation
·         interpretation
·         data analysis
·         information dissemination
·         market behavior
·         social perspective
·         human development
·         organizational dynamics
·         research methods
If you are addicted to this study, then definitely research option will stimulate. Indulge in research in topics that interest you most, you should look for that. So, first hurdle lies in selecting the right topic. A number of options are there to choose. Let’s have a snapshot over the list of topics such as:

·         social thought
·         population
·         social dimensions of development
·         peasant and rural sociology
·         sociology of family
·         legal system and health
·         industrial psychology
·         sociology of gender roles
·         political sociology
·         determinants and concepts of population growth
·         sociology of human migration
·         environmental crisis
·         sustainable development and many more
Apart from those highlighted above, you could choose any topic. But make sure that the chosen topic is you are indulged in past with some experience and finally it must give the thrust required to go ahead in research. You could seek suggestion from peers and faculties, but the ultimate choice is yours. This is one problem in sociology dissertation. Others could be writing research proposals, reviewing the literature, application of research methodology, making proper citation, etc. Overall, the biggest stumbling block is to develop the content for sociology dissertation. Therefore, the concern areas are writing skill, editing skill, proofreading skill, plagiarism check, and so on.

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