Discussion about Outsourcing and Technical Writing

Monday, April 15, 2013

Discussion about Outsourcing and Technical Writing

What is Technical Writing Outsourcing?

Technical writing outsourcing


It is possible to get help on software documentation or product specifications or customer manuals through outsourcing technical writing. By doing so, the overseas companies can concentrate more on their core processes and strengthen their financial position and in turn competitive advantage.  Technical writing services include User manuals, Provisioning guides, Installation manuals, Training guides, Reference guides, Release notes, Configuration guides, System technician guides, Hardware documentations, Policies and procedures, E-learning modules, Alarm guides, Translation guides, Maintenance manuals, Quick reference guides, Glossaries, Administration guides, Training courseware Sales training presentations, Indices /indexes, Feature manuals, API guides, Online help, Desktop publishing, Computer-based training. This technical writing outsourcing has become popular with the success of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). In line with KPO, technical writing outsourcing allows the overseas firms to experience cost-effective as well as proficient services with the knowledge pool and experienced candidates in particular domain. In addition, the time zone differences between the overseas companies and the technical writing outsourcing firms also facilitates the works to get completed within a short period. In general, Interactive Product / Application Demos ,  Technical Illustrations, Training Modules will be written for Interactive Manuals and English Editing and Proofreading, Business Related Documentation, Academic Papers and Grant Proposals, Personal Documentation Requirements will be written as a part of Editorial and Tech Writing, Editing and Publishing, Extraction and Migration will be wriiten for Technical Documentation whereas XML, Object Oriented Writing, Chunking, Information Maps / Design, Vasont, Documentum, Sharepoint Portal will be written for content writing.


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