Assignment topics that might interest you

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Assignment topics that might interest you

Here is a big list of assignment topics that might interest you or give an idea to begin with writing your assignments.

1. Attitude of consumers towards luxury marketing: A case study of luxury restaurants in London

2. Investigating young consumer attitude towards and acceptance of mobile marketing practices

3. A study on marketing fast moving consumer goods (FM CG) in UK: Issues and challenges

4. The study of operations and marketing of UK Pharmaceutical industry
An investigation of the impact of marketing mix and corporate image on brand equity

5. An Investigation of the importance of advertising strategies in the creation of brand awareness and equity

6. Buyer’s behavior towards electronic security systems in hotels with special reference to UK market

7. Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards mobile phones usages in India.

8. Study and analysis of market potential of nano cars with reference to two-wheeler companies

9. Study on Research Agenda to Reduce Risk in New Product Development through Knowledge Management: A Customer Perspective

10. Study on Performance Improvement in New Product Development with Effective Tools and Techniques Adoption for High-tech Industries - A customer point of view

11. A study on marketing strategy adopted for promoting butter milk as health drink in India and abroad

12. Natural health drink: A study on operations and marketing of butter milk in India and abroad

13. Marketing and Production Challenges faced in Indian unorganized Painting Sector - An Exploratory study in New Delhi Region, India

14. A study on entrepreneurial management in Delhi paint Industries

15. A study on innovations in marketing in electronic and IT companies

16. A study of operations and marketing of industry ( choose any industry)

17. A study on the financial management of surplus funds in banks

18. A study on asset liability management of Companies (choose any company)

19. Corporate Governance internationalization and the globalization and performance of select SME firms from India

20. International business strategy in emerging markets

21. Innovation in newly established multinational enterprises from India

22. Human resource development in growing multinational enterprises from India

23. Consumer Perspectives on the Effectiveness of Push vs Pull Medium of Internet Marketing and Online Advertisements

24. Significance of Foreign Institutional Investors in the Indian economy

25. Study of consumer behaviour related to different shampoo brands.


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