5 paragraph essay writing challenge

Thursday, November 10, 2011

5 paragraph essay writing challenge

A paragraph is a part of an entire article, essay or any other write up. One or more sentences that explain about the single idea are termed as a paragraph. The writer can use various kinds of sentences to write a paragraph such as simple, compound and complex. Writing a 5-Paragraph essay is a very challenging task for the students. Because, the writer has to convey all the ideas in just a 5-paragraph and at the same time, the essay must be presented in a well- structured and in a logical manner.

Writing a 5-paragraph essay is an easy and useful essay writing exercise for students by which they can improve their writing ability. To make it simpler, a 5-paragraph essay includes 5 paragraphs which are written with the following headings. They are: the introduction, the main body consisting of 3 paragraphs, and the 5th paragraph is the conclusion at the end. Similar to other essay writing, the introduction must contain main objective and theme of the essay, while the main body must contain the ideas that supporting your essay objectives and conclusion will be an overall summary of your essay and your opinion or comments about your essay objective. Hence these are the most important for writing a 5 paragraph essay and each paragraph must meet its own role and objective of the topic. This writing style is the most contemporary style of writing.

Writers who are good in five paragraph essay writing can improve their usage of transition words in a paragraph. This will guide them to use those words at an appropriate place, since these transition words plays a major role in continuity of a sentence. Transition words like furthermore, additionally, besides, in addition, moreover, what is more and also must be used in the essay, where ever it is relevant.

The following are the few tips to be take care while writing a 5-paragraph essay.
1. The writer should focus on the essay topic and avoid any diversion factors.
2. Add quotations and references where ever it is necessary.
3. You can give your comments or ask your queries if your essay requires it. Because this will make the readers to do further research on certain ideas.
4. Always give a simple definition about your topic.
5. Check whether your source of information is va1uable and published for using in essay writing.
6. Use appropriate punctuations and check your spelling before submitting your essay.
7. Try to avoid any repetition of sentences.
8. Present your essay with accurate and clear-cut ideas, as you have only 5-paragraphs to write.
9. Make sure that the information provided for your readers is truthful.


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