How to write a long essay and how to expand your essays when you are not meeting the Word Count

Friday, October 7, 2011

How to write a long essay and how to expand your essays when you are not meeting the Word Count

Word count is an important tool in writing essays. It is the major concern for many students. Word limits are set to discipline the students on how to write a clear, concise essay by accurately analyzing the topic and taking careful decision in regard to information to be included into an essay or dissertation. If the students didn't meet the given word limit, they tend to lose marks.

Considerable shortage or excess in word count is a bad practice in essay writing process. You must remember that references, appendices and footnotes are not included in the word count. Many Universities use this word count as a main evaluating criterion for the students. As per the rule, the word count can be more or less ten percent that the recommended the length of the
content. You must meet the exact word count in case of any published works.

These are few tips to meet your word count while writing your essay:

1. Always come up with a brainstorming session, before you start writing. You must list down various topics on different angles that you want to write. For each and every topic, you must write a three paragraphs and each paragraph must contain three sentences. This is the simple rule to start your writing.

2. If you have referred somebody's work, you must add quotes. But you must elaborate the quote, which you have mentioned in your content. This will be used as word- filler.

3. As and when you write, refer the dictionary, this will help you to improvise your memory. Reading dictionary simultaneous to your writing will help you to discover many new angles and sub- topics that are relevant to your essay topic.

4. Don't continuously work on your essay because this will make you more frustrated. So, always engage you in some other activities, in between your essay writing. This will give you a new and fresh ideas related to your subject matter. The break up can be going for a walk or watching a movie or getting out of the office. These breaks will make you to feel refreshed, which is the most important for the successful completion of your essay writing. Sometimes it may help you to complete your essay writing in the more faster

5. Discuss about your topic with others. You can also talk with your friends and family members because it will help you to stimulate the ideas in regard to your essay topic.


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