Internal Marketing of Strategic Marketing Process - part 3

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Internal Marketing of Strategic Marketing Process - part 3

Internal Marketing of Strategic Marketing Process  (including inter-functional collaboration, level(s) of involvement, risks , challenges, contextual issues, management, costs, effects, required adaptations)

By way of enabling the staff of a company to understand their role within the marketing process, internal marketing is a method of involving them at every level in effective marketing programmers. Long term success along with the objective of achieving customer service excellence is the key goals of internal marketing. Getting accustomed to the overall marketing orientation within the company and effective integrative schemes and internal communications and conducting result oriented training programs at all levels of staff in the organization is the essence of an effective internal marketing program.

Well planned internal marketing is also instrumental in reducing conflicts within the organization and promote cooperation among the employees, bring about effective and positive changes in management and build up the corporate image. It helps the organization to face the external risks and challenges and adapt to the ever changing market trends (Lamb Hair McDaniel, 2009). XYZ adopted very effective internal marketing strategies, one of the prime being the internal and external dissemination of marketing information. The management of the company found that conflicts existed at all the levels in its organization which created issues which affected its productivity levels and the management took it as a challenge to bring in a climate of trust and cooperation in the organization. Conflicts prevailed among the head of departments and the staff which was detrimental to the progress of the organization. They found they could bring about positive management change by enhancing the scope of their marketing of strategic marketing process. The company realized that the first step for Internal marketing of Strategic marketing process is the creation of positive attitude of employees towards the organization and reduction of conflicts which is common in all organizations.

The management started to make extensive research with regard to how to boost up productivity of product with quality and sales after exploring the potentials for market. Since they had an ever increasing customer base, they started to explore the possibility of increased productivity with quality. First they started to concentrate on finding out the key components which has the potential to absorb the ingredients of internal marketing programs. They explored the possibilities from both the employee and the management side.
From the employee perspective, they found that the performance of the organization can be boosted if more positive alterations and modifications could be made in their behavior and attitudes and also by way of enhancement of their product and process knowledge, the productivity of the organization could be increased. Therefore they started to engage the services of specialists and consultants and provided rigorous training to their employees along with the right direction and motivation. The management started feeling the results after the training of employees with product and process knowledge which boosted up their moral and they understood the significance of quality and hygiene. This helped a lot in boosting up the corporate image and upholding the ethics of the company.

Managers of XYZ realized that high standards of job effectiveness and customer relations merely by making unfair demands on their employees and realized the necessity to lead by example. The management of the company after developing the employees’ attitude towards the organization and increase of job satisfaction, they started fulfilling the reasonable wants and needs of the staff.

After doing all the above, they explored the potentials and possibilities of developing their market research in all positive angles. As a result of extensive market research, they determined the bases for market segmentation which helped them in ensuring the most suitable, effective and accurate target of internal marketing. They realized that both externally and internally, timeliness and accuracy must be undertaken in the spread of marketing information. They developed the habit of proper two-way communication, started conducted team briefings regularly and circulated in house magazines which created awareness amongst the employees with regard to the companies’ policies, goals and missions. The management also encouraged employee’s participation in achievement of organizational and personal objectives. In order to see their own contribution to achieve the objectives of the organization, the management made clear definition of individual goals which helped the employees to align their own goals with that of the organization.
The management of XYZ realized that for the effective implementation of the plan, the company must be in a position to analyze its own strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. They gave prime importance to SWOT Analysis. Before implementing an action, the managers determine the most suitable courses of action by designing appropriate suitable action programmes at the right time. And last but not the least, they always give special importance to market audit which is a crucial part of the internal marketing of strategic marketing process. They regularly started to conduct market considering both the internal and external influences. By way of effective market audit, managers were able to make positive alterations in their strategies and plans by clarifying the opportunities and threats.

All the above positive changes decreased the cost of production and boosted the productivity and sales of the company and increased the capability of both the staff and management to adapt themselves suitably to the changing and competitive marketing trends.

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