Developing new training programmes - case study

Monday, May 16, 2011

Developing new training programmes - case study

The activity of marketing which includes advertising, branding and promoting cutting across national borders is called International marketing which is a word that is used to refer the activity of marketing. In addition to the business practices which are carried by an enterprise in its own nation, the expansion of business operation across its national boundaries is called international marketing to put it more simply. If an enterprise is going to set up its business operations in another nation, it is very essential that it should include processes such as entry mode selection, marketing mix, creation of strategic decisions, developing, targeting and identification of market.

In order to create exchanges which satisfy organizational and individual objectives, the multinational process of planning and executing the conception, promotion, pricing distribution and promotion of services, goods and ideas is known as international marketing (Onkvisit and Shaw, 2004). Application of the principles of marketing upon the national boundaries is its fundamental meaning. Offering of new training programmes in international marketing in India is the objective of Telmarket which is an organization based in the United Kingdom.

Training programs -
Understanding the context of international marketing is essentially included in some of the training programmes in International marketing. In cross national research, analytical techniques, multinational performance, global sourcing, creating and developing strategic alliances, global strategy, local market expansion, marketing entry decisions and organization and consumer behavior are the programmes offered by Telmarket. The strategies of international marketing must suit the needs and requirements of the nation where the business operation is going to be launched and any organization which is aspiring to launch its business operation must devise international marketing strategies which takes into account the needs, requirements and also the religious beliefs and values of the customers in that nation (Leslie Rae, 1997). In order to ensure the success of the Training programmes an organization must first determine the goals such a programme. They should also keep in mind that the determination of objectives of business and skill precedes before the determination of objectives of training which is depicted in the below figure.

International Marketing
All the organizations are aiming at branching out their products across their respective national borders which is due to the shrinkage of the entire world due to the advent of globalization.  In order to introduce their range of products and services to another nation which in this case is India, Telmarket is one such organization which looks forward to expand their clientele. Culture and traditions of unique nature is present in every nation.

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It is very important for Telmarket to be familiar with the nation’s specific requirements and insights about the nation where it is going to launch its operations. In order to introduce its products in a new nation, an organization cannot hope to carry out the similar brand marketing campaigns and brand promotion strategies.  The staff of the organization must be made familiar with all the aspects of international marketing. Awareness about international policies, procedures, rules and regulations must be included as important contents of a training programme (Roger Bennett, Jim Blythe, 2002).Before it could launch its products in India, there are some vital steps which ought to be undertaken by Telmarket which are the following.

Market Research
An effort to gather information and data about potential markets and customers is one of the definitions of market research. Before venturing out into new markets, any organization must use it as an initial process of business strategy. In order to gain an edge over their competitors, it is an essential part of the strategy (R. Srinivasan, 2008). After establishing themselves with regard to better marketing of their products, the Indian cultures and their requirements must be studied by Telmarket.
In order to identify the exact nature of what people in other nations require, market research could also be carried on in terms of conducting a survey among peer groups. The responses of the people could be gauged when a product is additionally introduced.  Therefore Telmarket could have a specialized department of market research with expert staff who may be trained by local experts if required since the local experts would be more familiar with the likes and dislikes of the local people.

Developing a Market Strategy -
For the purpose of expansion into another nation, one of the foremost things that need to accomplished by the parent company is to start creating a strategic management plan.  In order to gather some information on the response of the market for such products and first hand knowledge about the market conditions which are presently prevalent in India, one of the first steps could involve initiating conversations with colleagues from India. While applying for the various permits and asking for permissions, it could also help in building contacts among different people inclusive of bureaucrats which might prove extremely helpful. Creation of a market strategy specific to the target country should be the ultimate area of attention by Telmarket. (Michael Dunmore, 2002). Mixing the local marketing strategy that the company is presently using with an international marketing strategy would be a perfect marketing strategy. The trainees must be made fully aware of the marketing cycle which includes the market strategy which is depicted in the below figure.

Recruit more employees -
In order to cater to the requirements of international marketing, it is essential on the part of Telmarket to recruit more local people and train its work force. Before entering into the Indian market, this would help additionally in developing very useful resources.  Building partnership in a joint venture project with an Indian based company is another choice. While Telmarket could provide the technical expertise and products, the Indian company could offer the local expertise and manpower and such a partnership could prove advantageous and beneficial in the long run Telmarket would also be able to mitigate the various risks involved in its business operations. There will be availability of sufficient trained manpower that has the requisite skills and knowledge required for carrying the operations of the firm successfully and smoothly

Extensive training in Sales -
In the present competitive market, training the employees in the sales skills would give your organization to stand successfully in today’s complex marketing situations. The staff would become entirely familiar with the technique of assessing the needs of the local customer, conversing in a tone of customer friendly language and maintaining a positive attitude before the closure of the sales deal after the completion of an extensive programme of sales training.

Apart from exceeding the expectations of the customers, the workers who have undergone the requisite training would ultimately know how to meet these expectations. Enhanced customer satisfaction and increased sales which reflect the victory of an organization happens due to the above (Spiro Stanton Rich, 2003). The devises and tools required to promote, market and selling the products of the organization is ultimately provided to the workers or staff by the expert training in sales aspects. Development of the sales skills to the fullest extent with all the factors revolving round it is an essential ingredient in a successful sales training programme. The below figure shows the factors revolving around sales skills.

Business meetings-
In the present usual working life of a professional, business meeting forms an essential part.  Normally in order to manage and prepare for this crucial cost of resources and time, little efforts are done by organizations even in today’s trend.  This leads to serious repercussions like wastage of precious time and resources for an organization. In business meetings which are more valuable, more prolific and more resourceful to every person involved, the partakers will acquire the skills to participate and get the leadership skills as this is an interactive programme.  This programme would teach one whether he or she makes a presentation to customers, conducts a workshop or internal meetings. This also helps one to cater to the needs of the customers in India who have diverse cultures, traditions and different needs (Gina Poncini, 2007).  This programme would end up in making the staff of an organization to acquire the sills of practicing and preparation for presentations, meetings, setting up objectives and prospects.  The focus of the business meeting must be to develop the leadership qualities with important factors revolving around it in an international market which is depicted in the below figure.

Advertising -
Advertising is one of the important areas of a prospective training programme. The most effective modes of advertising will ensure the success of any international organization when they are going to launch their business operations in any offshore. Since telemarket is a U.K based company, it needs to provide extensive training in the area of advertising to its employees. The company should be aware that the advertisement strategies they use must take into account, the culture, traditions and the customs of the people of India. They should be aware that advertisement is an important aspect of a business operation and since India has a population which speaks different languages and follow different religions, the advertisement strategies must take into consideration, the sentimental beliefs and values of the people (Basil G. English, 1994). The could also engage local training experts to train their staff in all the above aspects apart from the recruitment of local people who are aware of the peoples customs , beliefs and needs of the people. Since India is a conservative nation which upholds religious values and ethics, they should ensure that their western modes of advertisement do not hurt their sentiments. Therefore suitable training programmes in the area of advertising which takes into account all the above facts must be designed by Telemarket to be successful in India.

After having studied the above facts, it is highly imperative for Telemarket to be aware of the significance of specialized training programs which suits the requirement of the Indian market scenario. Extensive research could be undertaken by the company to find out more potential areas which requires training. Since Telemarket is an U.K based company, it should be aware of the latest trends and techniques in the Indian market. Prime importance must be given to the Market research and customer relations before launching further training programmes and expanding their business operations in the country because the above two areas will help the organization to feel the pulses of the customers and promote their products. They should not hesitate to engage local training professionals who are more aware of the nation’s potential areas of market and suitable training programmes could be designed to foster the customer relations and boost up the morale of the staff.

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