An example of Critical case study for a company - part 1

Monday, April 11, 2011

An example of Critical case study for a company - part 1

Here we can take the case of XYZ Company for the purpose of our study which followed certain strategies in identification and analysis of problem, Strategic Marketing tool, Internal Marketing, External Marketing, Organizational Outcomes and Lessons learnt.

The crucial skills required for business are identification of problems which stand as obstacles for a company’s progress. Problem statement precedes the process of problem solving and decision making. For the purpose improving the quality of their decisions, the management must display the use of effective skills. Only if the exact problems and its root causes are identified with a proper analysis and personnel involvement, the company can go to the next step of problem solving and decision making. Located in ABC, and most popular in PQR as a leading supplying company of MNO products, XYZ are the most sought after by customers. The company has different types of packages for different customers.At present, the marketing strategies followed by most companies in the PQR is not complete without the inclusion of Internet which has created a major impact in marketing any product. The propagation of the activities of marketing using the internet is a major outcome of the progresses in Information Technology.

The management of XYZ solely relied on the brand image of their product and did not concentrate completely on their advertising strategies. At some point of stages, their business was unable to compete with stiff competitions and their business faced intermittent losses. Even though their products were most sought after by customers, there was sporadic incidence of business losses. The marketing department noticed this and involved themselves in identifying the root cause for this problem. They made a complete analysis of their marketing operations and strategies. They examined the marketing strategies used and found that sufficient budget was allotted for advertising operations. They had allotted funds for catchy advertisement hoardings and conducting exhibition malls which were quite appreciating. The team involved in promotional aspects were also were advertising through Radio and Television media and spent huge money on market surveys and field marketing. The team from the marketing department found that their competitors were using the advantages of e-marketing models of business and they were lagging behind in this aspect. The company’s business managers were not prepared to meet with the challenges of e-marketing while it is noticeable that the country had not been left behind as is apparent from the establishment of the presence of several organizations, firms and businesses on the internet in PQR. The marketing team came to realize how their competitors have started adapting to the trends brought by information technology in the market. They evolved vigorous e -marketing strategies which included advertising, customer surveys which had a major impact on their pricing and product development strategies with the help of which they were able to put a halt to intermittent business losses.

After this the marketing team of XYZ always made it a point to monitor how much of customer research is carried out with the usage of Internet marketing, whether the research resulted in maximizing profits ,whether in has resulted in improved development of product and appropriate pricing.

From this study, it is highlighted that there is always a possibility for any organization to overlook even a simple aspect which may push an organization to the brink of losses. Therefore there is a constant need to monitor the progress of the organization and first bring to surface the exact problems faced by the organization which will pave the way for better problem solving and effective decision making.

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