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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How to Select a Dissertation Topic: Six Invaluable Suggestions

Several students find dissertation topic selection an intimidating one. This is mainly because they don’t have the experience in coming up with this type of academic work. Most importantly, students have to juggle between their profession and academics. But let this not demotivate you! We at Tutors India, provide you with certain guidelines that will assist you in a judicious selection of topic for your dissertation, whether it is for graduate, Masters or Ph. D.

Concentrate on your career

Well, you should always focus on your career i.e the path that you would like to take up in future. You will be spending lot of time in the research and if you select a topic that adds value to your career, then there is lot of chances that your academic journey gels well with your career.

Select a topic that you are passionate about

You are going to immerse yourself in the dissertation journey for a reasonably long time. For this you should select a topic that interests you. However, ensure that the topic is a viable one. The concern is that if you are not selecting a topic that you are not passionate about, then you will end up in coming up with a piece that is not good.

Select an informative topic

You should keep in mind that a well-written and well-studied dissertation provides the reader with lot of insights. Well, just think of a topic that gives no solution at all and that is very vague. Will it interest the reader? No. So the key lies in selecting an informative topic.

Select a manageable topic

You are the person who is going to work on your dissertation for a long time. You have to embrace it in such a way that you feel convenient. In your quest for getting good marks, don’t make the mistake of choosing a difficult dissertation topic. Your marks will have a negative impact when you do so.

Select a topic that is in trend

Remember that a good dissertation topic is also the one that is in trend. The heartening thing in the academic world is that it is ever present with new research. So the key lies in selecting a topic that mirrors the current world. When you select a dissertation topic that is not relevant, then it will be of no use to the readers. You cannot also find sufficient resources for an outdated topic.

Now that you have chosen your topic, it’s time to frame an action plan/outline for structuring the dissertation. Let’s see it in our next post!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Dissertation Period: 10 Things that only Students can Understand

“Life’s a marathon, not a sprint”

Well, this quote by author Dr. Philip C Mc Graw can be rephrased as

“Dissertation is a marathon, not a sprint”

You have heard a lot about the dissertation marathon. Now wondering why dissertation is compared to a marathon? Well, they both test your patience. They endure for a long time and they require a constant and diligently estimated effort to complete them.

The dissertation series is indeed a deciding one for the students. The student would have heard from the alumni that it includes a lot of meticulousness, diligence and planning to complete a dissertation. So this naturally triggers a lot of forethought in the students.

Students have their own aspirations. They have their own struggles. The very aspect that they have to come out in flying colors in the academic journey sends shivers of panic to them. The dissertation deadline would also come close and you can feel the intensity in your breath. Fear not! This is not an experience only by you.

Now we will list down certain typical aspects that only students writing dissertation can relate with. Just come out of your dissertation apprehension, and read this blog so that you come out of the feeling of dissertation misery.

1. Substitute the sense of perfectionism with pragmatism

You will be aspiring to get good marks in your dissertation. This is natural. But the feeling of giving a perfect piece is what that is debatable. Perfection will be a mirage if you go behind it consistently. You have to draw a line of demarcation between perfection and pragmatism. You should realize that however systematic you are there are quite some things that you are not good at. However, you can compensate for it in the end. When you mess up with something in the beginning stage of your dissertation, don’t panic. Perceive it with realism. But ensure that you keep track of whatever you are doing so that you remember to correct the mistake in the end.

2. It has become inevitable now

You would have been procrastinating the dissertation process for a long time. But now the time has come to get involved in it. There’s no escaping and it has become your priority now.

3. Your motivation level is erratic

This is a concern that most of the students can relate with. While in the morning you will be thinking that you would do a “phenomenal” job, in the afternoon you would be thinking of watching a movie!

4. You feel isolated and feel that others are not empathetic

You have taken an important decision in your life; studying the Master's course. But you feel that others are not empathizing with your stress. They seem to be just normal; they ask you to watch movies, listen to music etc.

5. The time you avoid your dissertation makes you feel guilty

You consider the dissertation series as something very important. So whenever you avoid it you are filled with a sense of guilt.

6. You keep forgetting the purpose of your topic

You have selected the topic with great interest. However, as time passes you keep forgetting why you chose it. You are not able to understand the nuances of the topic and feel like being lost.

7. You have other priorities too

You have taken up your Masters course but still your other priorities are looming. You are pushed to a position where you have to balance all these priorities. You would be hunting for a job, taking care of your children, running between profession and academics etc.

8. You have wasted lot of time in estimating your capability

You are so serious about your dissertation series that you spend a lot of time in judging your capability.

9.When you find another Masters student in the library

When you encounter this scenario, you get a unique sense of relief that another person is also sailing in the same boat!

10. You are contemplating highly on getting help from a dissertation writing service

You are stuck up in your dissertation writing process and wondering how you would successfully complete it. To add to your woes, the deadline is also looming. Here then, you get the spark of hiring a dissertation writing service. Yes, there are certain dissertation writing services including Tutors India that understand your exact requirements. They offer on-time delivery and plagiarism-free content.

Remember that as far as you are considering the dissertation as an important stage in your academics, there is nothing to worry. If the supervisor has a concern, he/she will surely let you know. Till then, stay relaxed and perform extensive research. All the best!